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The basic principles of screen printing are quite simple. A stencil with an open area corresponding to the image to be printed is place on a tightly stretched screen. Ink is deposited in the open screen and the screen is positioned over the surface to be printed.


Pressure is applied to bring the ink in contact with the substrate. The ink is drawn out of the screen, forming the desired image. Amazingly precise and detailed images can be produced with a great deal of consistency from item to item.


While the basic process is over 1000 years old, the materials and processes we use today are significantly better than those in use even 25 years ago. Inks are available for any material in any application.


Many of the products which you use daily are screen printed: stereo front panels, markings on water bottles, political yard signs, bumper stickers, decals, keypads on cellular phones and TV remotes, and custom printed t-shirts are all examples of screen printing.

If you need repeated printing of the same item, then screen-printing is often best option.


We have 6 color presses which we can use to reproduce 6 spot color designs or 4-color process+ 2 spot color images.


We can mix nearly any color to match whatever color you want.


Screenprinting for You

Bring your own garments or buy them from us. It's no problem either way.


Having problems with your current supplier? We now offer a full line of great quality T Shirts, Polos, Denims, Jackets, Sweatshirts, hats, and much, much more.


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Also available are aprons, backpacks, totebags, briefcases, golf bags. We can print on spandex, leather, vinyl, plastics, cotton, polyester and much more.




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